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Few can style an early Ford like the Rolling Bones, a modest up-state New York workshop that is setting the standard for not only building impassioned hot rods but putting them to good use, like 5,000 mile round trips to Bonneville and back again!

Ken Schmidt and his son Matt, along with Keith Cornell are masters of design and have accidentally turned their hobby into a business, building cars for some of America's most prolific hot rodders, their way. "We allow the customer to have 5% input," jokes Ken Schmidt. It's a philosophy which any Rolling Bones customer accepts gladly, after all, what can you teach a master?

Book of Gow is the long awaited book from the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop. It's an eclectic collection of tales, thoughts and quotes intertwined among short stories, both fact and fiction, about the hot rods that are now so easily recognised as being 'Bones-built'. Scattered with art, including the amazing cover designed by Tom Fritz, and featuring hundreds of photographs, there's new inspiration with every turn of the page.

Limited to just 2,500 copies with each and every one personally autographed by Ken, Keith and Matt, the Book of Gow is destined to become a true collectors item.


Production Team: Mr Bones, Ken Schmidt, Jon Suckling, Debbi Wraga

Format: Hardcover, 224 pages

Dimensions: 31x28cm

ISBN: 978-0-692-73585-5