Retromotive Magazine #3

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On Sale December 2018

Porsche RSR
“There’s nothing modern about the RSR, it’s Casio calculator era of technology at best."

The popularity of the CSL should come as no surprise as it’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever produced.

Lancia Stratos
“This was designed with a single purpose in mind - winning."

Porsche 356
“Lucky it was pretty ‘cause it was an absolute basket case to drive.” 

Alfa 6C & Giulietta Sprint 105
The patina is perfect and the Wilsons won’t be touching it.

Ford RS200
“It was a blank sheet of paper for them to engineer the perfect rally car."

Toyota BJ40
Utilitarian off-roaders that have built a following and shun traditional automotive evolution.

Shelby Daytona
The Daytona was designed by a ragtag crew in Southern California to take on the industrial might of Ferrari.

 Mazda RX3
“It is a time machine. The smell of the vinyl, the feel of the wood grain wheel and that sound." 

 Kirsten Williamson
These days, Kirsten prefers Bertone over Benetton and Gandini over Gucci. 

Retromotive is a premium coffee table style publication focused on classic cars, people and their stories. The magazine's clean, uncluttered layout strips everything back to reveal an intimate journey through beautiful imagery and engaging stories. Retromotive is designed to elicit the feeling and emotions a car can evoke in almost anyone.