ACME 1929 Ford Hot Rod Roadster 1:18 Scale

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So what is the definitive hot rod. Ask any hot rodder worth his whitewalls and they’ll say a Model A Ford on ’32 rails. America’s youth led the way in the 40s and 50s, stripping down and hotting up Model A Fords as best they knew how. Putting your Model A body on a ’32 Ford chassis brought with it a number of improvements, most predominant that Ford flathead V8. More carbs, better wheels and throw away what you don’t need was the formula back in the day and stands firm today.

If there was a listing in the dictionary for a Model A Ford hot rod, then you’d see this roadster there. When it comes to traditional, ACME’s 1:18 scale 1929 Ford roadster ticks all the boxes and more. From the 1932 Ford chassis and grille, low mounted headlights, wire wheels and whitewalls, to the flathead Ford V8 with twin carbs and custom headers, it’s hot rodding 101. The high gloss black finish with flames and the simple yet striking red interior are a killer combination. Lovingly detailed including the trunk-mounted fuel tank, the 1929 Ford Hot Rod is hot rodding in its most purest form.

1:18 scale, limited to 650 pieces worldwide.

Product Features

  • Diecast metal body
  • Opening doors and trunk
  • Trunk mounted fuel tank
  • Detailed flathead V8 engine
  • Wire spoke wheels
  • Whitewall rubber tyres
  • Serialised plate
  • Poseable steering