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Low and slow - that’s the creo of the custom crew. The Buick Riviera was a luxury cruiser even before customisers began modifying them, not that there was much left to do. Released in 1963, the Riviera is one of the most stylish and graceful modes of personal transportation ever to come out of America.

This beautiful rendition by ACME is presented in Cosmic Dust Green and assured to stand out among your collection. Dressed with large diameter steelies and acres of chrome, the contrasting white interior is equally as spectacular. Under the hood is a hot rod favourite, the Buick Nailhead V8, a unique powerplant of the period. ACME has raised the bar this time around, including opening vent windows, sliding and folding seats, and working suspension.

1:18 scale. Limited to 400 pieces worldwide.

Product Features

  • Opening doors, hood and trunk
  • Sliding and folding front seats
  • Detailed nailhead engine
  • Opening vent windows
  • Detailed undercarriage
  • Functional suspension
  • Custom wheels and tyres
  • Poseable steering
  • Serialised plate