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The 1960s was a glorious time for drag racing in the USA. Manufacturers began to put high performance muscle cars into the showrooms and even hotter versions through the back doors of selected dealerships.

To cater for these factory-supported cars that were reserved for the top throttle jockeys of the day, the NHRA introduced the FX (Factory Experimental) class in 1962. By 1965, some of these factory and privateer purpose-built FX vehicles featured changed wheelbases, fuel injection and superchargers - configurations not even an infinite amount of rationalization could justify as ‘Stock’ or even ‘Super Stock.’

Inspired to build an A/FX  altered wheel base car by friends and family, Mike Pollock’s ‘Detroit Shaker’ 1965 Dodge is truly a blast from the past. Mike began with an oh-so-tired Dodge and crafted a street-driven animal powered by Chrysler’s formidable 426 Hemi. Almost every critical detail of this beautiful Dodge is captured in the amazing, limited-edition replica by ACME Diecast.

1:18 scale, limited to 726 pieces worldwide.

Product Features

  • Diecast metal body
  • Opening doors
  • Removable hood
  • Poseable steering
  • Plumbed and wired engine
  • Detailed undercarriage
  • Detailed interior
  • Serialised plate