Australian Hot Rodder #8

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ON THE COVER: GRANDADDY'S AXE - Kev Kracht dusted off a '33 Sport Coupe body once owned by his grandfather to create a very cool ride of his own.


SEDEUCED - American hot rodding legend and Deuce devotee, Dick Scritchfield, has a strong Australian connection.

STAMPY'S STEEDS - Neil Stamp is just as passionate about hot rodding as he was in the 1960s.

HOLMES' SPUN HAULER - Art and hot rodding have always fascinated Sydney hot rodder, Glenn Holmes.

QUINTESSENTIALLY COOL - Equal parts restored beauty, retro rod, and replica racer Ross Baron's '33 roadster is very cool.

YOUNG AT HEART - Few have contributed as much to hot rodding as veteran Drag-en Ronnie Williams.

REALLY OLD SKOOL - Forget the cliché, Michael Ahrens really does live and breathe old style hot rods.

THE BOBCAT SPECIAL - Bob Moule's custom Holden coupe was special in the 1960s; it's just as special today.

PONY EXPRESS - When Joe Pirotta and Charlie Caruana slipped a Ford V8 into an FX Holden they created a monster.