Hot Rod Illustration 101 by Scott Fisk

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Author/Illustrator: Scott Fisk

Format: Hardcover, 100 pages, 11.5" x 9"

ISBN: 9780578107295


"Welcome to the wonderful world of drawing hot rods. Inside these pages are 25 years of knowledge where you will learn the basics of the 'brick theory', hand control, range of motion and smooth, quick, deliberate pencil strokes. You will also learn basic inking and color application. Scroll through the pages and I'll tell you all of my secrets; well at least the ones that won't cripple me! Here is your opportunity to step into my mind, the mind of a hot rod illustrator, and see what I see. Grab the 'flow' and follow the shapes; you too can learn. If you want to learn how to draw hot rods, it's all right here."

Scott Fisk




“AWESOME!! My boys love it and as an artist I love see how other "Car-tooners” come up with their ideas, start to finish! AWESOME work Scott” 
  C. Harkness /Dark Place Designs  ~East Peoria, Illinois

“This book is the most complete, comprehensive and dynamic book i have ever seen on drawing cars. It is chucked full of pictures, showing step by step how to draw cars. starting with the basics, perspective, drawing, line, layout, balance of light and dark area's are extremely clear, inking and coloring. i have looked a long time, so if you like cars and toons then this is the only book you will need on your bookshelf! It doesn't get any better than this!”
M. Nichols ~Vermont

“My son and I were racing to see who would be the first to read thru the book he won and started drawing right away, well laid out directions; great out come!” Fran (& her son!)

“Great book Scott, I got mine 3 weeks ago and love it!...Thank you for signing it for me!”  
W. Steward ~East Lyme, Ct.

"Scott Fisk's book is a lovingly crafted gift to all who love to draw, love cars, and will have a blast combining the two. His techniques are sure to inspire and his steady encouragement will build confidence. This is a great addition to the art methods collection in our library." 
 R. Clark, Baxter Memorial Library ~Sharon, VT

“This book is AWESOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU SCOTT!!!!!” 
D. Dana ~Oswego, N.Y.

“One of the best illustration books ever!!!! and I have quite a few!!!”
S. Crary ~Crestline, Ca.

“The Hot Rod Illustration #101 book is fabulous. It is very easy for young people to understand, and I would even recommend it for art teachers to use in the elementary/junior high classroom!”
Ruth M. Brown, Elementary School teacher