DDA Holden LJ Torana XW7 308 V8 Prototype 1/24

DDA Collectibles


The LJ V8 XU-1 Torana, known internally as 'XW7', was crucial to securing Holden's triumph at the demanding Hardie-Ferodo 500 in Bathurst.

However, on June 30th, 1972, the GMH styling director was shocked to find the carefully crafted cars missing. Later revelations uncovered a directive to obliterate all evidence of the project, leading to the destruction of these vehicles.

Remarkably, two LJ V8 XU-1 Toranas evaded this fate, including the Lone 0' Ranger V8 prototype. Registered by GMH in 1972, this car became Peter Brock's daily driver. Tragically, in 1985, the Lone O'Ranger was stolen and has since vanished without a trace. 

DDA Collectibles is proud to present this classic Aussie muscle car with opening doors, hood and rear in diecast 1/24 scale, in a window box mounted on a black plastic plinth.