How to Build Period Correct Hot Rods

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Author: Gerry Burger
Format: Paperback, 144 pages
IBSN: 9781934709320

How to Build Period Correct Hot Rods explains how to identify, buy, or build the parts to create a faithful period correct hot rod…a car that you will be proud of and will gain the respect from others in the hobby. The book showcases all the parts that make an authentic hot rod of a certain era, flavor, or style, including 50s and 60s style, both East Coast and West Coast. It details the wide range of stock parts and popular high-performance parts from a particular era. Hot rod veteran Gerry Burger discusses when they were first produced and when they were in popular use. Burger discusses how to choose the period correct engine for your chassis, valve covers, intakes, and carbs that also match the era from Edelbrock, Offenhauser, and others. Similar chapters also cover, interiors, wheels and tires, frames, suspension, and other components.