Midnite Spares DVD (1983)

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Starring Bruce (Road Warrior) Spence, Gia Carides, James Laurie.


Midnite Spares is a free-wheeling, no holds barred action adventure film replete with sizeable doses of young romance, zesty comedy, and spectacular car stunts

Our young hero returns to his home town to find that his father has mysteriously disappeared. He teams up with the good-intentioned, but flaky characters in his father's tow truck business in an attempt to track him down. It soon becomes apparent that an unsavory group of men in the business of stripping cars and spare parts, an activity known as Midnite Spares, are deeply involved in his father's peculiar disappearance.

Our intrepid heroes enlist the help of a crazy Maltese family and a beautiful stripper in their relentless search. Things build to a spectacular conclusion as they try to bust up the car-stripping hideaway in a virtual demolition derby of car stunts.


Rating - M       Region - ALL     Format - NTSC