Rodders Journal #69

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On sale February 2016

On the cover - Darryl Hollenbeck’s “Rotten Avocado Green” ’32 Ford roadster

This feature-packed 170-page issue is the largest in years, and it takes an in-depth look at everything from homebuilt traditional hot rods to the 1st Annual Bayou Round Up, the career of acclaimed metalman Ron Covell and Scott Perrott's Ardun-powered Miller/Wusz ’23 Dodge roadster pickup. Veteran hot rod and custom car painter Darryl Hollenbeck’s “Rotten Avocado Green” ’32 Ford roadster is the subject of the cover. Also in this issue, a father-and-son-built mild custom Mercury, a chopped, channeled and tire frying ’34 Ford pickup, and a whole lot more.