Rodders Journal #72

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On Sale October 2016

From panel paint to headlight history, Rodder’s Journal #72 has it all:

SHELBY SUPER SNAKE - Don Prudhomme Restores His Record-Setting, SOHC-Powered Fuel Dragster, 

PANEL PERFECT - Fogged, Faded and Paneled Bellflower-Style Chevy Custom,

VICTORIAN ELEGANCE - Wayne Henderson’s Deuce Vicky: The Ultimate Resto-Rod,

THE E&J TYPE 20 - A Close Look Inside the Rare and Innovative E&J Headlights,

THE CUSTOM COUPE - Mike Young’s Chopped, Chromed, and Cadillac-Powered ’33 Ford Highboy Coupe,

TIME MACHINE - Ray Tognarelli’s Midwest Drag Racing Exploits,

BRONZE STAR - The Resurrection of Slick Patterson’s Chopped ’39 Ford Convertible

and more!