Rodders Journal #73

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On Sale January 2017

Inside, TRJ #73 is loaded with hot rods, customs and stories from coast-to-coast and beyond....

THE ILLUSIONIST - There’s more to Jeff Romig’s Three Rivers, Michigan-based ’36 Ford roadster than meets the eye.

HOT RODS & ROCK AND ROLL - Take an inside look at Beck’s hot rod collection - including his stable of Deuces - and throw in a few anecdotes from his career for good measure.

ONE FOR THE DIEHARDS - Gary Minor first caught a glimpse of Jack Peed’s Chevy custom at the Ram Rods’ car show at the National Guard Armory in Washington D.C. back in 1962. Then just seventeen years old, Gary couldn’t have imagined that more than a half century later he would own the very same 1950 Chevrolet.

CLUB MASTER - Los Angeles resident Chuck Gage is the current custodian of this very traditional ’28 Model A roadster pickup, but its history can be traced back to the immediate post-war period.

HATCH'S COUPE - The Jimmy Hatch ’34 Ford coupe has history as well, but from a different time and place.

PIT PASS POLAROIDS - As a teenager growing up in Ohio during the mid-‘60s Dan Fuller had a front row seat to the burgeoning drag race scene in the eastern half of the country.

DRAWING THE LINE - We first became aware of Chris Picitelli’s artwork through the series of blueprint-style renderings he has done depicting both rods and customs. As we delved deeper into his work we realized that this is just one of a plethora of hot rod art styles he has mastered.

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