Rodders Journal #76

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On Sale September 2017

On the cover, Don Emmons’ photo of Russ Hess’ 1941 Willys Gasser that he took in 1967. With its blown small block, polished spindle-mount 12 spokes and Goodyear Blue Streaks, the street Gasser is just about as wild as they come.

Inside you'll find 170+ pages of hot rods, customs and vintage race cars from every corner of the hobby. From a mild custom ’40 Ford Fordor to a channeled Deuce pickup to a Model A street Gasser, this issue covers it all like never before.

Features include:

A Different Deuce - The Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop team had a chopped Deuce Tudor in the works for George Poteet for quite some time, but it wasn’t until it was on the show floor at the Detroit Autorama that one could fully appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its construction. Not only does this article dig into the build in great detail—it also features a three-page foldout and one of the most involved tech panels to date!

It's The Cadillac of Deuces - From rendering to reality—Goolsby Customs in Hueytown, Alabama, built Matthew Gordon a perfect Deuce pickup. The channeled RPU has unmistakable 1950s flair, thanks to its 3×2-fed Oldsmobile Rocket, Starfire Blue paint and cycle fenders on all four corners. Dubbed the “Time Merchant,” the Goolsby crew built the truck in a mere 14 months and had it finished in time to compete for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster in January 2017. John Jackson shot the Deuce in the Goolsby shop.

Second Time's a Charm - It’s not every day that you see a customized ’40 Ford Fordor, let alone one as well executed as Mike McAuliffe’s Everglade Green sedan. Built by the East Bay Speed & Custom team, the Moraga, California, based Ford was treated to a wealth of early custom touches, ranging from shaved emblems and rounded corners to ’40 Merc bumpers and ’41 Studebaker taillights.

and more!