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Disc 01

  1. Mann, Carl "Rockin' Love"
  2. Bond, Eddie "Big boss"
  3. Simmons, Gene "I done told you"
  4. Felts, Narvel "Cry baby cry"
  5. Self, Ronnie "Bop-a-Lena"
  6. Burgess, Sonny "We wanna boogie"
  7. Wray, Link & His Ray Men "Raw-hide"
  8. Grayzell, Rudy "I Think Of You"
  9. Riley, Billy Lee & His Little Green Men "Flyin' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll"
  10. Feathers, Charlie "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"
  11. Earls, Jack "Hey slim"
  12. Smith, Ray "Break up"
  13. Pittman, Barbara "Everlasting Love"
  14. Lewis, Jerry Lee "I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry"
  15. Rich, Charlie "Lonely Weekends"

Disc 02 

  1. Perkins, Carl "Dixie Fried"
  2. Simmons, Gene "Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford"
  3. Lewis, Jerry Lee "It'll Be Me"
  4. Felts, Narvel "Foolish Thoughts"
  5. Smith, Warren "Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache"
  6. Grayzell, Rudy "Judy"
  7. Rich, Charlie "Who Will The Next Fool Be"
  8. Orbison, Roy "Domino"
  9. Riley, Billy Lee & His Little Green Men "Red hot"
  10. Feathers, Charlie "I've Been Deceived"
  11. Bond, Eddie "I Can't Quit"
  12. Yelvington, Malcolm "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"
  13. Smith, Ray "Rockin' Bandit"
  14. Pittman, Barbara "I need a man"
  15. Earls, Jack "Sign on the dotted line"

Disc 03 

  1. Pittman, Barbara "Two young fools in love"
  2. Preston, Johnny "Cradle of love"
  3. Orbison, Roy "Go, Go, Go (Down The Line)"
  4. Twitty, Conway "Born to sing the blues"
  5. Thompson, Hayden "Fairlane Rock"
  6. Perkins, Carl "Matchbox"
  7. Felts, Narvel "Kiss Me Baby"
  8. Smith, Warren "So Long, I'm Gone"
  9. Knox, Buddy "Party doll"
  10. Feathers, Charlie "We're Getting Closer To Being Apart"
  11. Bond, Eddie "Rockin' Daddy"
  12. Earls, Jack & The Jimbos "Slow down"
  13. Yelvington, Malcolm "It's Me Baby"
  14. Smith, Ray "Shake around"
  15. Burgess, Sonny "Ain't got a thing"Disc 

Disc 04

  1. Riley, Billy Lee & His Little Green Men "Baby, please don't go"
  2. Twitty, Conway "Rock House"
  3. Perkins, Carl "Put your cat clothes on"
  4. Thompson, Hayden / Orbison, Roy "Rock-a-billy gal"
  5. Cook, Ken "Problem child"
  6. Harris, Ray "Come on little Mama"
  7. Orbison, Roy "Ooby Dooby"
  8. Smith, Warren "Ubangi stomp"
  9. Mann, Carl "Mona Lisa"
  10. Rich, Charlie "Don't put no headstone on my grave"
  11. Simmons, Gene "Drinkin' wine"
  12. Lewis, Jerry Lee "Crazy Arms"
  13. Yelvington, Malcolm "Rockin' with my baby"
  14. Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks "Forty days"
  15. Burgess, Sonny "Red headed woman"