The All-American Hot Rod

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The All-American Hot Rod is your personally guided tour through the saga of one of the most popular icons in American history, brought to life in the stories of well-known and respected automotive historians and celebrities, automotive journalists, and other hot rodders with their own tales to share-with more than 350 illustrations to add to your appreciation of these remarkable machines. The hot rod-each one unique, fierce, loud, and bold-has been an American icon and a symbol of performance, freedom, and creativity for decades, influencing everything from movies to music.

The All-American Hot Rod is a history by those who lived it, the numerous voices and images of people who know and love the hot rod like nothing else. Relive the thrills with their great stories, complemented by fabulous period artwork and current photographs of original T-buckets, Deuces, coupes, roadsters, custom cars, street rods, rat rods, and more. Its truly an all-American tale with an exhaust note heard round the world. Now, step on the gas and go!