The Chain Reaction DVD (1980)

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For mechanic Larry Stilson (STEVE BISLEY) and his wife Carmel (ARNA-MARIA WINCHESTER), a weekend in paradise turns into their most horrifying nightmare. At their retreat in an isolated mountain valley, they are confronted by Heinrich (ROSS THOMPSON), the victim of a deadly nuclear spill who is in the throes of a horrifying radiation death. A top secret government security team moves in with an army of vicious decontamination workers to seal off the valley, forcing Larry and Carmel to attempt a daring high-speed escape... ...But, the question growing more urgent by the minute is - can the radioactive waste be contained? Boasting high-octane car chases and spectacular stunts staged by George Miller, the director of MAD MAX, and appearances from the stars of that film (Steve Bisley, Hugh Keays-Byrne and Mel Gibson), THE CHAIN REACTION is a slick, futuristic action thriller that hurls you into the nightmarish world of terror and nuclear holocaust.


  • - Thrills and Nuclear Spills - an all-new making-of featurette featuring exclusive interviews with writer/director Ian Barry, producer David Elfick, cinematographer Russell Boyd and actor Steve Bisley.
  • - The Sparks Obituary - a 30 minute short film introduced by writer/director Ian Barry
  • - Deleted and extended scenes- TV Spots
  • - Stills and Poster Gallery
  • - Original theatrical trailer
  • - Aussie Trailers


  • Ross Thompson
  • Steve Bisley