Last Gasp


Have fun koloring these famous Barris Kustoms with illustrations by some of the top artists in the industry!

A collection of 26 illustrations of select cars, the design styles range from lowbrow to semi-realistic. Each image reflects the Barris Kustoms style and honors what George, Sam and Barris Kustoms were all about.

Add your own paint job to these unique vehicles:
Kopper Kart - Sam's Merc - Emperor - Ala Kart - Silver Sapphire - Golden Sahara - Vox Mobile - Moonscope - Turbo Sonic - XPAC 400 - Beverly Hillbillies - Drag-u-la - Munster Koach - The CAR - Elvira Macabre Mobile - Red Foxx Wrecker - ZZR - Calico Surfer - Surf Hearse – Ice Cream Truck - Mail Truck - Alvin's Acorn - Hirohata Merc

Featured Artists
Bruce Gossett, Dennis McPhail, Tommy  Wren, Ben Mckee, Craig Robb, Jeff Allison, John Pantaleone, Johnny Jalopy, Mark Arnold, Ben Montes, Hamz Toons, Dennis Jackson, Vince Ray, Micah Claycamp, Dave Sanders, Shawn Dickenson, Britt Madding, AC Rivas, Johnny Ace, and Stephen Sandoval!