The SU Carburettor High Performance Manual

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Did you know that SUs can give almost as much performance as Webers & Dellortos? Here’s an expert guide to building and modifying SU carburettors to suit high-performance applications. Includes reprofiling needles & how to ‘jet’ SUs for almost any application.

This book is for those people who wish to tune SU carburetors themselves, irrespective of how many carburetors there are on the engine or what type of engine it is. This book explains how to set up carburetors and choose, and even modify, needles for any application, and how to test the engine to make sure that the induction system is tuned for optimum performance.

• The complete practical guide to modifying SUs for high performance applications
• Step-by-step illustrated procedures
• Millions of cars are equipped with SU carburettors
• Includes needle profiling
• Des Hammill is an engineer and professional race engine builder