The World's Fastest Indian: Burt Munro, A Scrapbook of his Life

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Filmmaker Roger Donaldson was privileged with access to Burt Munro's lifetime collection of photo albums and scrapbooks during his involvement with both the 1973 documentary, Offerings to the God of Speed, and the 2005 film, The World's Fastest Indian, starring Anthony Hopkins. He shares these historic images and notations in this volume of almost 300 pages, a pure time capsule of Burt Munro's life and historic motorcycling in general.

Roger Donaldson writes....  "This book is Burt in his own words, as well as the reminiscences of some of his friends and others who, like me, found him to be an irresistibly entertaining personality. Much of the text in this book is from transcriptions of the interview audio tapes that were made for my documentary; I have attempted to transcribe them verbatim — warts and all. I have included all the errors, stammers, and idiosyncratic speech patterns of the people who were interviewed, as well as indicating the noises and background sounds that are on the recordings. This may not be the usual way of presenting the text for a book but I think this gives a real feel and flavour of Burt and the great characters that populated his life in a way that a more formal presentation wouldn't achieve."