Pickup Truck Beds: How to Install, Restore & Modify



Install and modify your truck bed floor with guidance from certified auto-body repair man and television personality Kevin Tetz.

A simple internet search of the words “truck bed floor” provides almost a hundred million results. The possibilities are limitless for personalizing your hauler for work or play. The bed floor shows the heart and soul of a vintage truck, and with several new generations of pickups being deemed “classic,” it’s no surprise that the bed is a popular subject.

The functionality of a truck bed can be traced back to the days of horse-drawn vehicles. As the purpose of some truck beds has changed from their utility to being an accessory, personalizing and customizing them is now an industry standard.

Even with the most basic skills, you can be confident that you can pull off an excellent restoration or replacement of a bed floor with the simplest of hand tools. Taking ownership of a do-it-yourself project provides an immense sense of pride in the accomplishment, so whether your truck is brand new or 100 years old, this book walks you through how to restore, decorate, replace, customize, patina, or upgrade your bed floor.

Truck Beds: How to Install, Restore, & Modify was written to provide professional results while catering towards your skill set, budget, and experience.

Pages : 96
Size : 8.25 X 9 (inches)
Format : Paperback / softback
Illustrations : 197 color photos
Publisher : CarTech
ISBN : 9781613257654
Product Code : SA535