ACME is taking you back, back to those childhood days of model building with this new roadster model kit! Included in this kit are all the parts and pieces you will need to create a one of a kind '32 just for you! This kit was created from our '32 Ford models with all the great parts and pieces you know and love. The body and frame are primed and ready for paint! The kit will require a general knowledge of model building since it is totally customizable to suit you with no wrong way to make it! Go back to being a kid again with this great kit from ACME!


This kit is designed for the car guy or gal with several options so that it can be built to your specification and not someone else's. Please note that this kit is intended for those that either have model building experience and a moderate level of car knowledge.

This is not a beginner's model kit! There is very little in the way of instructions for a reason. The ability to mix and match the options that this kit offers is limited only by your imagination. What you will end up with be a quality die cast model that will be unlike anyone else's.

The body itself is real cast alloy instead of plastic and comes primed and ready to be painted, modified or assembled as is. For the best results, if you decide to paint the body, choose a quality spray paint that is designed for metal products for the best adhesion and finish. All attaching hardware such as screws, axle and hinges are included, and should either be pre-installed or trial fitted before final painting. Glue such as Super Glue can be utilized to assemble plastic sub-assemblies such as engines and rear suspension item as well as attaching these items to the body.

One recommendation is to utilize a two-part epoxy (JB Weld for example) to attach the door hinges to the body. This will give you a very durable door assembly that can be opened and closed an infinite number of times without worrying about it falling off. This step is not absolutely necessary if the car is to be used only as a static display as there is a hinge plate that is to be installed that will hold the door hinge mechanism adequately for this type of display method.

Unlike other kits you may have assembled previously, you ARE expected to have some left-over parts upon the kits completion as there will be assembly options that you will not choose and can either discard the unused parts or use on other projects.

The basic options that this model kit offers include:

2 different engines
2 different wheel sets
2 different tire sets
different interior parts and more!

Build as with full fenders or without!