Auto Math Handbook; Calculations for Performance Enthusiasts

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Since 1991, Lohn Lawlor's Auto Math Handbook has been a standard reference for auto engineers, students, racers, and enthusiast. The formulas, calculations, and equations in the book are the foundation for any car or engine building project. Engineer and racing engine builder Bill Hancock has updated and expanded the original edition with revised sections on: Displacement, bore, and stroke. Brake horsepower and torque. Air capacity and volumetric efficiency. Center of gravity, weight distribution, and g force. New sections on instrument error and calibration, rolling resistance, aerodynamics, planimeter usage, computer programs, and moment of inertia are presented in the same easy-to-read format using real-world applications.

  • Author: John Lawler & Bill Hancock
  • Format: Softcover, 122 pages
  • ISBN: 9781557885548