Rod Hadfield: The Mad Scientist of Australian Hot Rodding


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"Rocket Rod is truly an icon in the world of Rodding and what he doesn't know of Hot Rods just ain't worth knowing, but the truth is he would probably know it anyway" . Shane Jacobson – Actor and self-proclaimed rev head.

The first ever comprehensive biography of Australian Hot Rodding legend Rod Hadfield, covering his 50+ years of initiating trends, pushing boundaries and causing controversy in the automotive scene in Australia and beyond.

Rod Hadfield is a man with humble beginnings on the family farm, minimal formal education and no qualifications, but an enormous drive and vision. Along with a very smart, loyal and patient wife, Carol, he founded one of the most successful automotive small businesses in Australia and created some of the most radical, yet immaculately engineered cars in the country, inspiring thousands to modify their own cars in the process.

Often found observing and listening to reactions from a distance with what many misconstrue as a grumpy, dour look on his face, he prefers to let his cars do the talking, and boy do they do get people talking! Following is the story of a name well recognised in the Australian automotive landscape, but a person who very few actually really know.