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Gassers! Nose high, straight axle, supercharged drag machines were the most popular classes at the height of drag racing in the 1960s. No make or model was excluded, and stripped of its heavy front suspension, bumper and unnecessary extras, the much revered 1957 Chevy gave away nothing to nobody.

ACME have teamed up with the Roth family to bring you this memorable rendition of a classic Chevy supercharged gasser. Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth started a revolution with his crazy show cars and monster art, including Mr Gasser, a character immortalised with a model kit in 1963, featuring - you guessed it - a dark red 1957 Chevy with one of Roth’s monsters jamming through the gears!

Monsters aside, this heavily detailed scale model is just stunning in deep red with contrasting chrome. The straight axle front end, wheels and exterior trim are relevant to a time when race cars looked as good as they went. Not that this is a strip-only car - the dual bucket seats and MR GASSR Georgia licence plates place this supercharged Chevy on any street corner on a Saturday night. Our favourite detail?

The Mr Gasser decal on the rear window. The best thing is that there’s one in the box for your own car. Thanks Big Daddy!

1:18 scale, limited to 1098 pieces worldwide.


Product Features:

  • Diecast metal body
  • Opening doors and trunk
  • Gasser suspension and frame
  • Poseable steering
  • Detailed undercarriage
  • Real rubber tyres
  • Serialised plate
  • Plumbed and wired blown Chevy engine
  • Mr Gasser rear window decal