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Hiboys are nice, but if you want to go low, chanelled is the way to go! Nothing says hot rod more than a chop and a channel. Well, the roof is long gone from this radical roadster, but it has all the hallmarks of traditional east coast ride, and with its compact fenders, it's strangely reminiscent of many Aussie-built hot rods of the 1960s.

The ‘Hot Rod Roadster’ from ACME features a diecast metal ’34 Ford body, beautifully finished in cherry maroon with Indian Motorcycle livery on the doors and old school pinstriping on the trunk, fenders, dash and shortened ’32 Ford grille. Bobbed rear fenders and front cycle guards are detailed to match. Riding above the traditional drilled axle front end is the legendary flathead Ford V8 breathing through uncorked lake-style headers. The stars of the all-black interior are the eight gauges sprawled across the custom dash and the speedway-inspired four spoke steering wheel. Firestone slicks and front runners are the final piece of the package.

1:18 scale, limited to 504 pieces worldwide.


Product Features

  • Opening doors and boot.
  • Detailed flathead V8.
  • Detailed interior and boot.
  • Full belly pan.
  • Pinstriping and Indian livery.