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Take a drive down memory lane with this nostalgic collection of traffic safety films! In the wake of World War II, there were more cars on the streets and newly-constructed highways of the U.S.A. than ever before. The Highway Safety Foundation worried that Americans, particularly teenagers, were not properly obeying the rules of the road. Hollywood, ever helpful in a time of crisis, stepped up to the plate to produce these educational films to keep folks from piling up tickets and bending fenders. These films will take you back to the days of drive-ins, going steady, and chocolate malteds. Also included is Danger on the Streets, a fascinating Works Progress Administration short made by avant-garde cinematographer Roger Barlow.


  • Danger on the Streets (1936)
  • Driving on the Highway (1950)
  • Traffic Court USA (1956)
  • Don't Be a Sitting Duck (1957)
  • How to Follow Safely (1958)
  • The Art of Being Passed (1958)
  • Preventable or Not? (1960)
  • What About Winter Driving (1968)