Holden Torana GTR XU-1; The History & Technical Specifications

Brooklands Books


Fiv Antoniou provides 200 pages on insight into the development, achievements, and specifications of the Holden LC/LJ XU-1 Torana.

• Foreword by Peter Brock 
• The beginning of an era 
• A mountain to climb 
• Last Chance 
• Victory 
• A new set of rules 
• Peter Brock on XU-1's 
• HDT racing results 1970-74 
• The inside story 
• GTR—X what might have been 
• What the press said 
• Thoroughbred racers 
• Caring for your XU-1 
• Chronological development of the GTR XU-1 
• GTR & XU-1 performance specifications 
• GTR & XU-1 camshaft specifications 
• Holden paint and trim specifications 1969-73 
• GTR XU-1 technical specifications 1970-1973

Measures 250mm x 185mm, soft cover, B&W images/documents.